Hi Fellas,

Having a good mood when you starting a day is everything, don’t you?

But how if your food not as tasty as your expectation? Maybe upon breakfast, lunch or even dinner?

It won’t happen if you choose a good food for your meal. Maybe in the restaurant, food court or even just at you Mother’s house. But the best thing is when you cook that food by your self. Doesn’t matter you are a girl, boy, man, laddies or teenage. Everybody can be a chef, though they’re just can boil a water or cook some noodle.

And it will be a different story if you join us.

We aren’t just teach you how to cooking a food but we will teach you the art of cooking, plating and serve the food. So you will be very proud to yourself that you have a skill that people doesn’t have.

Every Wednesday in this period being a favorite day for all of student. They can practice how to cook a food with international hotel standard, serve the food and also for you who want to be a bartender, we teach you how to be a bartender like a pro.